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Employment Law/Wrongful Dismissal

FRH LLP acts for both employees and employers in resolving complex workplace disputes and terminations. We have extensive experience in all of the following areas of practice: 

For Employees

  • Severance package and release reviews
  • Wrongful dismissal 
  • Constructive dismissal 
  • Harassment in the workplace
  • Employment agreement reviews
  • Health and safety concerns in the workplace 
  • Discrimination in the workplace 
  • Terminations for cause
  • Terminations without cause
  • Workplace investigation concerns 
  • Non-Solicitation and non-compete provisions
  • Unfair changes to your employment concerns

For Employers

  • Severance packages and releases
  • Wrongful dismissal defences
  • Constructive dismissal defence s
  • Terminations for cause
  • Drafting and reviewing employment agreements 
  • Workplace investigation concerns 
  • Termination letters 

Every employment relationship is unique. There is no simple way of calculating how much compensation an employee is entitled to in the event of a termination. It is always best to speak to a lawyer to investigate all possible causes of action and defences to a workplace dispute.

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